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SpellCraft School of Magic is an Ipad/Ipod app developed by Appy Entertainment. The basic idea is that you are an apprentice in a school of magic. You are able to grow your own enchanted ingredients, brew your own potions and create your own spells that you can then use to battle over a hundred different creatures in the dungeon.

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Level Unlocks and Items listsEdit




Magic Spells


Magic Spells

Level at which Item(s) Unlock
Level Item(s) and Spells
1 Hex of Chaos Spell, Vermin Bane (default wand)
2 Spells: Hex of The Magi, Ignite, Wrath Clouds, Rat Eater. Plants: Pukepod, Fireweed, Pot Unlock, Bronze Pot. New Dorms Items. Bonus: 3 Gems, 2 Pot Unlocks.
3 Spells: Spider Slayer, Healing Touch. Plants: Water Lily, Magic Mistletoe. Clothing: Magenta Hat, Parched Hat, Cracked Ice Hat, Band of Speed, Bronze Bracelet. Bonus: 1 Gem.
4 Plants: Goldenberry, Super Fertilizer. Clothing: Blue Robe, Stormchaser Robe, Raccoon suit, Parched Robe, Cracjed Ice Robe, Survival Robe, Harbinger Robe, Survival Hat, Bronze Necklace, Necklace of Haste, Fellcaller. Bonus: 3 Gems.
5 Spells: Eternal Pain. Plants: Silver Pot. Clothing: Magenta Robe, Dotty Robe, Waveform Robe, Maroon Hat, Waveform Hat, Dotty Hat, Band of Haste, Scepter of Destiny. Bonus: 3 Gems.
6 Spells: Fire Whip. Plants: Gold Pot, Nightshade. Clothing: Illuminating Robe, Illuminating Hat, Clockwork Band, Silver Bracelet, Lifedrinker. Bonus: 3 Gems.
7 Spells: Magic Sling. Plants: Coldmold, Platinum Pot. Clothing: Entropy Robe, Green Hat, Chaos Hat, Teal Hat, Entropy Hat, Silver Necklace, Runedancer. Bonus:?
8 Spells: ? Plants: Super Water Lily, Super Nightshade, Carnivora Majora. Clothing: Green Robe, Maroon Robe, Dark Robe, Orange Hat, Armored Hat, Earth Bracelet, Lucky Bracelet, Silver Ring, Evil's Scourge Wand. Bonus: ?
9 Spells: ? Plants: Fire Plum, Sage, Lava Nut, Super Carnivora, Super Fireweed, Super Goldenberry. Clothing: ? Bonus: ?
10 Spells: Sleep, Summon Ogre. Plants: Super Shroom, Super Sage. Clothing: Star Robe, Earth Hat, Fire Hat, Water Hat, Earth Necklace, Water Bracelt, Band of Gold, Gold Ring. Bonus: 3 Gems.
11 Spells: Zombie Slayer, Hell's Geyser. Plants: Super Mistletoe, Ultra Mistletoe, Peeweed. Clothing: Chaos Robe, Chaos Necklace, Fire Necklace, Water Necklace, Shield Bracelet, Band of Platinum, Chaos Heart Ring. Bonus: ?
12 Spells: Hands of Clay, Magic Missile. Plants: ? Clothing: Water Robe, Disorder necklace, Platinum Necklace, Chaos Bracelet, Fire Ring, Water Ring, Platinum Ring, Doom Stick. Bonus: ?
13 Spells: Chaos Elemental. Plants: Super Peeweed. Clothing: Earth Robe, Fire Robe, Flame Robe, Fire Gem Necklace, Guardian Bracelet, Chaos Ring. Bonus: ?
14 Spells: Lava Pit, Deluge of Doom.
15 Spells: Vengeful Spirit, Chains of Death, Summon Demon Spell. Plants: Wolfbane, Burnberry.
16 Spells: Call Landshark, Stone Spear.
17 Super Wolfsbane, Super Burnberry, Call Necromancer Spell
18 Fist of Rock Spell
19 Weeping spore, Attack of Spirit Spell, Water Elemental Spell, Web of Fire Spell, Dragon Slayer Spell, Rover Clover
20 Earth Elemental Spell, Hell Fire Spell
22 Call Lich Lord Spell
23 Fire Elemental Spell
24 Tunnel Tsunami Spell
25 Wall of Magic Spell
30 Gold Necklace

Additional Rewards:

Storage floors (extra items):

6 (pot unlock, bronze pot, bronze necklace) 26, 37

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